Creation and Cosmology: Attempt at Sketching a Modern Christian Theology of Nature by Rudolf B. Brun

About the Book

The conviction that there can only be one truth is deeply rooted in Christian faith. Therefore, the partial truth gained by the methods of science, and the glimpses into revelation gained by theology, cannot be mutually exclusive. Yet the basic discovery of modern science is that nature is capable of bringing forth itself, while revelation insists that creation is created through the Word of God that is God. For our logic, this Christian revelation is clearly paradoxical because, “how can the Word of God that is God create creation, namely that, which essentially is not God?” From the Christmas event shines a light on this illogicality because this event illustrates that God can become that which is not God, but a human being.

The thesis of the book Creation and Cosmology is that not only Christmas but also creation are anchored in God's logic of incarnation. From this perspective, the creative center of nature is the Word of God but in the otherness of creation. From this point of view, the basic discovery of science, that nature is capable of bringing forth itself, becomes an essential dimension of Christian faith. Modern cosmology should therefore be welcomed and integrated into an updated theology of nature. The book Creation and Cosmology suggests that this may be accomplished in the light that shines from the Christian mystery of incarnation.


ISBN13 (TP) 978-1-4363-6990-9
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